Scaling & Root Planning

Oral Prophylaxis

Sometimes the most careful and conscientious cleaning of the teeth by proper brushing can leave some plaque and tartar deposits.Improper brushing also leads to formation of plaque which attacks your gums leading to inflammation and bleeding of the gums and bad breath known as gingivitis (pyorrhea).

It is usually necessary to have your dentist give your teeth a professional cleaning (scaling) every 6 months. Professional cleaning improves the dental health and helps to maintain a good oral hygiene.


Scaling, oral prophylaxis is the procedure of removing calculus, plaque and stains from the teeth.This is a simple and painless procedure.

Our clinic uses "EMS piezon" & "satelec"ultrasonic scaling systems and gives in depth cleaning where required. Various attachments are used for various applications that operate at a very high frequency thereby enabling the procedure to be comfortable & less time consuming. The scaling is followed by polishing of the tooth surface to make it smooth. The gums regain their strength and normal shape after a few days.

Root Planning
Root planning involves smoothing the root surfaces of your teeth with thin curettes ,so gum tissue can more firmly reattach to roots that are clean and smooth to prevent tooth loss and sensitivity problems. The procedure makes it more difficult for plaque to accumulate along the root surfaces.

Scraping away of the diseased gum tissue in the infected pocket,this allows the infected area to heal and gums to become firmer.

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a fear of undergoing a dental procedure, the patient avoids getting treatment. Most people have some anxiety of an impending dental appointment or procedure. So, you have your next Dentist appointment and that's scaring the hell out of you.

Causes of Dental Anxiety
Plenty of causes can cause Dental anxiety such as:
Prior Experiences: Most people affected by Dental Anxiety tend to complain about horrifying experiences from a certain Dentist.

The immediate surroundings: Our perception of most things is based on how the people close to us feel about it. Hence, another major reason for Dental anxiety is by picking it up from the people around us.

Bad experience of others: Stories circulate easily how a certain "X' said that RCT is so painful that he would rather die than get a root canal done.

Embarrassment: You feel your teeth are the worst in the world and know for sure the dentist is really gonna give it to you when he sees your teeth.

Uncaring Dentist: A really uncaring dentist can put most people off and instill hate for the dentist and dental care.

Lack of Control:
Some people cannot be put in the dentist chair simply due to the lack of control they have. They do not appreciate the dentists control over them instructing them what to do, putting weird things in their mouth etc.

Treating dental anxiety at BMDC
We have various dentists who specialize in treating fearful patients and you can find them to be extremely relaxing and comforting and we are very successful in treating most patients.