ISO 9001:2008 Certified dental centre

ISO 9001 is the Internationally recognized standard for the quality management of businesses. It applies to the processes that create and control the products and services of an organization.

We pride ourselves as Leading International dental centre of excellence providing professional dental services with quality care to our patients.

Registration to ISO 9001 -2008 by an accredited certification body shows that our clinic is committed to quality and a willingness to work towards improving efficiency.

It demonstrates the existence of an effective quality management system.


National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of Quality Council of India (QCI), set up to establish and operate accreditation programme for healthcare organizations. A Very few healthcare organizations in India are having this prestigious Accreditation ,BMDC have applied and already under process of getting NABH accreditation.

Approved by Delhi pollution control committee (DPCC)

BMDC is certified by Delhi Pollution Control Committee AS a Pollution –Free Clinic.

We regulate disposal of Bio-Medical Waste in the prescribed manner by The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India 1998 under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 vide S.O.630 (E) dated 20th July, 1998. It is ensured that the Bio medical waste generated at our clinic is handled without any adverse effect to human health and the environment and disposed off according to the manner specified in the. Delhi Pollution Control Committee.

Approved Tobacco Intervention Initiative (Tii) centre by Indian Dental Association.

BMDC has ever strived for the benefit of the society, and will ever continue to do so.We are authorized by the Indian dental association as TII Centre.

Tobacco intervention is seen by BMDC as a high priority area. We have been working diligently towards establishing a tobacco-free India through our numerous symposia and workshops. Under TII venture the dental professionals at our clinic are trained and certified for Tobacco Intervention . We would not just take care of your teeth, but would also be in a position to help you to get over your tobacco addiction. The dentists at BMDC are trained Tobacco Intervention Professionals and the clinic is equipped with the necessary supportive infrastructure, including CD’s for the patients, booklets and other educational materials. So if you are looking for tobacco de addiction help, your search ends at BMDC. Oral Care was never so inclusive, versatile and easy…

Approved by Delhi pollution control committee (DPCC)

S.P.O.T Centre- oral cancer detection Centre by Indian Dental Association. BMDC is an Oral Cancer Detection Centre - ‘S.P.O.T Centre’ which aims to promote early detection and intervention thereby reducing the burden of oral cancer in the country.

We are equipped with all tools required for detection of cancer
We provide comprehensive cancer treatment services.
Our S.P.O.T Centre helps in spreading awareness in the community and among health personnel regarding common cancers and their early detection/prevention.
At BMDC, we undertake training of health workers in cancer detection and further treatment.

BMDC is Delhi’s first SMYLZ Dental Clinic

which is a chain of exclusively designed and branded Dental Clinics with state-of-art facilities and is promoted with the sole objective of inspiring confidence in the mind of a patient that he/she will receive High Quality Dental Treatment.

The first Tooth Rejuvenation Centre TRC

- TRC is a dental clinic providing tooth rejuvenation program based on the principles of Minimum intervention Dentistry (MI). Tooth Rejuvenation Centers & clinicians are selected, trained and monitored by nation’s apex forum of Minimum Intervention Dentistry – Indian Academy of Minimum Intervention Dentistry (IAMID) with industrial collaboration from GC Asia.

BMDC is the first dental clinic in New Delhi to be certified as Tooth Rejuvenation Centre to conduct tooth rejuvenation program. Tooth Rejuvenation Programme (TRP) is a holistic and personalized oral health programme designed by BMDC to identify, prevent and restore the oral health of our patients. To learn more about you and your oral health we identifiy and assess your age, diet, dental history, family history, risk factors for developing dental diseases and many other factors and prepare an oral health profile exclusively for you . We use saliva as one of the important diagnostic tool. Saliva diagnostic tests compile your overall assessment results for saliva, plaque, diet, fluoride and other factors for better oral health.

All this information is recorded in a Risk Assessment Sheet and categorizes each individual as High risk, Medium risk and Low risk.Based on the severity of the condition a personal prevention plan is developed for you. Then dentist at BMDC corrects the existing oral health problems through minimum intervention and less painful dental procedure and advice the prevention procedure to keep you free from repeated occurrence of dental decay and other oral health diseases.