Why Balaji Multispeciality Dental Centre

whyBMDCISO 9001-2008 Certified Dental Centre
All dental specialties under one roof
Strict Sterilization and Cross Contamination Care
Latest technology and State-Of-The-Art Equipment
Only using FDI Approved quality products
Professional friendly,caring staff
Personalized dental care
VIP Services and world class treatment
Preventive treatments and patient education
Co-ordinated care with all other medical specialists,if required
Beautiful long lasting results
Superb location/Easy access and parking
S.P.O.T Centre oral cancer detection Centre by Indian Dental Association.
BMDC is Delhi's first SMYLZ Dental Clinic
Approved by Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC)
Approved Tobacco Intervention Initiative (Tii) centre by Indian Dental Association.
The FIRST Tooth Rejuvenation Centre TRC - in Delhi providing Saliva Check (the only test for Quality ph and Buffering Capacity of Saliva) to identify early caries risk that helps to strengthen, protect and rejuvenate tooth.