Dental implants are the new standard of care for people with missing or broken down teeth. You no longer have to rely on dentures, bridges and other removable appliances. And that means that we can help anyone smile with confidence and eat comfortably.

Implants will match your natural teeth, restore your ability to eat and speak naturally, and enhance your smile.

Why do I Need a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is used to replace a missing tooth. Whether you’ve already lost one or more teeth or have just been told that a tooth needs to be removed, the impact can be devastating.

No one likes the idea that their smile will be incomplete, and we all rely on every one of our teeth for eating, speaking and smiling with ease. In years past, the only solutions for tooth loss were bridges or dentures: artificial teeth that would anchor to either other teeth in your mouth, or to your gums. Neither of these solutions could actually replace teeth in a way that felt natural, and often they could lead to other problems – additional tooth loss, pain, and deterioration of the bones that define the very structure and character of your face.

Modern dentistry provides a better solution to the problem of tooth loss: dental implants. Whether you receive one, several, or an entire arch of implants, the result will be true replacements for your own teeth that let you eat, smile and speak naturally. When you get them from BDC  no one will know that they aren’t your natural teeth, unless you tell them.


State of the Art Technology Makes Implant Surgery Fast, Precise and Painless

Our team use cutting-edge technology to make the placement of your implants precise and painless. A detailed 3D scans of your head, neck and jaw, from every angle, enables US to plan your surgery for certain success.

Our world-class, laboratory makes it possible to design your implant crowns to detailed perfection. Whether you need one or two dental implants to replace missing teeth, or full-mouth reconstruction, you will find that we will help you to restore your smile exactly the way that you would like it to be.

DR RAJEEV has perfected the art of smile makeovers to ensure that the makeover is rapid, pain-free, and precisely crafted to give you a smile that is perfectly suited to your face and your personality.


What is a Dental Implant?


The dental implant has three parts:

  • A post, made from titanium, that is placed into the jaw bone to simulate a tooth root
  • An abutment or connector, also made from titanium, which is placed on top of the post above the bone
  • A crown usually made from high-grade ceramic, which is built around the abutment and looks and feels like a natural tooth.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

It’s important for both your health and your self-esteem to replace missing teeth. Not only do you lose chewing ability when a tooth is lost, but un-replaced teeth can cause other teeth to be stressed, lost, or crowded and create still more problems. A lost tooth certainly affects your appearance in a negative way, and you may feel self-conscious about smiling or talking.

Single-tooth titanium dental implants became a solution for lost teeth more than 30 years ago, and today’s technology makes them better, faster and safer than ever before. While dental bridges or dentures also replace missing teeth, dental implants, correctly placed, are usually a superior replacement. Here are some of the reasons that we recommend dental implants for our clients if they have missing teeth, and meet the criteria for implant surgery.

Dental implants looks and feel like natural teeth. Even the best dental bridges and dentures cannot compare to the look and feel of properly done dental implants. If you are looking for the best possible appearance, function and feel, then dental implants are your best solution.

Example: Single Tooth Implant. This patient had lost her front tooth due to an accident and needed an immediate replacement.

Dental implants are permanently fixed. The dental implant post is inserted surgically into your jaw bone and, once the surgery has healed, the new crown is permanently attached to the post over the abutment. The new tooth will feel and function just likes your own natural tooth, and you can expect to eat, brush and speak normally.

In contrast, dentures and many bridges are removable appliances requiring special care. It is not uncommon for them to come loose at inconvenient times, to cause pain or discomfort or to adversely affect your speech and chewing ability.

Dental implants prevent further bone loss. Whenever you lose a tooth, you will find that the bone in the area of loss begins to recede. Over time, the bone around your teeth will begin dissolve away, as it is no longer needed. As you can imagine, this loss of bone can effect more than your mouth. The entire structure of your face can change and become shrunken.

Dental implants reverse this loss. As long as you have enough bone to support the implant post, it can be surgically inserted into the bone. Over the space of the next few months, the post will bond to the bone, effectively becoming a part of your body’s structure. The placement of the implant will stimulate the body to actually construct the bone cells necessary to bond to the implant. The result, if the implant is properly placed and your body responds as expected, is bone that is stronger and healthier than ever.

Dental implants allow you to preserve your remaining teeth. If you are missing only a single tooth or several, but still have remaining healthy teeth, a dental implant can replace the missing teeth without affecting the healthy teeth that remain. A dental bridge uses the teeth next to the empty space as anchors, and of necessity requires your dentist to cut down the healthy tooth and place a crown over it. A full or partial denture might similarly require your dentist to cut down or even remove adjacent teeth.

Some dentists will recommend a bridge or denture even if it means compromising otherwise healthy teeth, perhaps because fitting the bridge or denture is an easier procedure for them, or because that is what they were taught to do in dental COLLEGE.

Of course, if a denture or bridge is truly the best solution for a client, then I will find the least destructive possible way to install the bridge or denture. I find, however, that this is rarely the best solution for a patient. A healthy, beautiful smile is much more likely to result from the careful and artful placement of perfectly-crafted implants.


This is a standard bridge. To replace the single missing tooth, the healthy teeth on either side are cut down to accommodate the crowns that support the center crown. These three crowns are permanently connected.

Are there things that could prevent me from getting Dental Implants?

Most people who are in good general health, and have a missing tooth or teeth are good candidates for dental implants. We will need to make sure that you have sufficient healthy bone in your jaw to support the implant. Even if you are suffering from some degree of bone loss, DR RAJEEV may be able to help you with a bone graft. We won’t recommend a dental implant for young patients whose jawbones have not fully developed, or for pregnant women.

Some existing medical conditions will also prevent us from recommending dental implants. For the most part, if you can have routine dental treatment, you can have an implant placed. While precautions are advisable for certain conditions, patients with such chronic diseases as high blood pressure and diabetes are usually successful candidates for dental implant treatment as well.

As with any surgery, certain medications may prevent you from getting implant surgery. If you take medications such as steroids or drugs that suppress the immune system, for example, then implant surgery will not be right for you.

What if I need to have a tooth removed?

It happens all the time: a tooth is damaged in an accident, or cannot be salvaged from decay, and needs to be removed. You needn’t be fearful if this is the case. In our CLINIC DR RAJEEV will safely and quickly remove your tooth, in a gentle procedure that will not damage your underlying bone.

Our extractions are so gentle and efficient because we rely on leverage rather than force to extract a tooth. Using a special tool, called the Physics Forceps, we are able to put the exact amount of pressure gently against the tooth to cause it to pop out in 30 to 60 seconds, with no yanking, twisting or bone damage. Our extractions heal rapidly, allowing your dental implant surgery to proceed on schedule. In most cases we can extract a tooth and place an implant on the same day.

As a side note, there are some dental implant centers and surgeons that advocate removing healthy teeth and putting in a denture supported by implants instead. I do not recommend this and prefer to focus on saving as many healthy teeth as possible using combinations of dental implants, all-porcelain crowns and bridges to avoid the need for dentures and unnecessary extractions.


Many of our patients come to us quite certain of two things: 1) they want their smiles transformed beautifully and 2) they want to have it done quickly. In order to accommodate our patients’ needs, we have set up our office to cater to those who want immediate treatment, with among the finest same-day dental implants. Here is how we are able to do it so quickly:


Step 1: A thorough, private consultation

When you come to our office seeking same-day implants, you will first meet with expert DR RAJEEV GUPTA. With over 24 years of experience and the most technologically advanced office, WE can handle just about any dental implant case, rapidly and comfortably.

In this initial consultation WE will take a complete dental health history from you. We will also want to find out about your medical history and current health, to make sure that you are a candidate for Same Day Dental Implant surgery.

In addition to performing an examination of your jaw, teeth and gums, WE will review any x-rays that you may bring with you and, if you have none, immediately take digital x-rays so that he can understand your case. We will take impressions of your teeth, so that he can plan your Same Day Implant to fit perfectly with your other teeth.

WE will review your options with you. We want to be sure that all of us agree on exactly the result that we want to have before we begin your treatment.

Step 2: CBCT 3D X-rays are taken

After your initial consultation we will need to carefully plan your procedure. To be certain that your implants are correctly placed, our dental surgeon uses the CBCT scanning device , and scans only your head and neck region. You can sit comfortably for your scan, which is completed in 14 seconds. WE will use these detailed scans to help them plan your procedure. The CBCT gives a three dimensional view , so that WE can:

  • Evaluate fully the depth and strength of the bone that you have to support your implants
  • Anticipate any potential difficulties or problems that could arise in implant surgery
  • Virtually plan your surgery completely before they begin.


Step 3: Detailed and coordinated formulation of your exact treatment plan

Step 4: Virtual planning of your complete implant surgery

If you like, our dental implant surgeon will review your procedure with you on the computer, so that you completely understand what we will be doing.

We will verify that for every implant you need, you have sufficient bone to support it. We will use the images to decide the exact depth to which we can place the implant post, and will walk through the surgery from every angle to be sure that there will no surprises.

Step 5: Preparation in-house of your temporary replacement tooth

While WE are planning your surgery, we will be planning and creating your new crown. Using our state-of-the-art computer-aided milling machine, we will make you a durable  crown, matched precisely in color and size to your remaining teeth

Your new crown will be a temporary one, and will remain in place for you while your implant surgery heals and the titanium bonds to your jaw bone. Our patients are amazed, however, at how beautiful our temporary crowns are.

  1. We design your crown to your precise dimensions. 2. The crown is milled for you in our lab, using the CEREC milling machine. 3. Our expert lab tech will carefully craft any necessary adjustments.

Step 6: Rapid, precise surgery for rapid healing

Dr. Rajeev will perform your surgery right here, in our fully-equipped operatory. Because they have already done the surgery on their computer, they will be able to do it quickly and comfortably.

You can expect precision placement of your new post, with very little trauma to your gums or jaw, and no unnecessary incisions or stitches. Our implant surgeon will use a virtually pain-free dental laser to sterilize the site and prevent infection.

Step 7: Immediate placement of your new tooth

Once the post and abutment are in place, we will carefully place and adjust the temporary crown. It will protect your implant as it heals, and allow you to smile, speak and eat normally.

Let us plan your surgery, and restore your smile.


 Cost of Dental Implants in BDC

How can you be sure that you are getting the best value for your money?

Whether you’ve already lost one or more teeth or have just been told that a tooth needs to be removed, the impact can be devastating. No one likes the idea that their smile will be incomplete, and we all rely on every one of our tooth for eating, speaking and smiling with ease.

While costs can vary, implant treatment is not inexpensive. Does that mean that you should go to the dentist who charges the least to give you an implant?

If you are considering the alternative of getting a dental implant, then you need to be aware that the procedure is a surgical one, since implants are the latest standard of care for replacing missing teeth.

While costs can vary, implant treatment is not inexpensive. Does that mean that you should go to the dentist who charges the least to give you an implant? Well, consider it this way: if you were going to have heart surgery, would you want to find the cheapest surgeon possible to cut open your chest? If you were going to buy a car for your teenage daughter, would you select the least expensive one that you could find?

At BDC we recommend that you take those things into account when you are planning your Beverly Hills dental implant surgery. After all, dental implants are fixtures that are placed permanently into your mouth. Once placed, it cannot be taken out without considerable bone damage. More importantly, you will be relying on them every day to eat, to speak and to complete your smile. Isn’t it important that they be done right – the FIRST time?



What questions should you ask you prospective implant dentist?

BDC believes that an educated patient is a happy patient.

Dr. Rajeev’s love it if you were to research implant dentistry thoroughly, and understand when you come in to see him exactly what it is that you can and should expect from an implant dentist. That’s why he suggests that you be sure to question every dentist that you are considering thoroughly, and understand exactly what value it is that they are offering to give you, as well as how they price their services.

What experience do you have in implant dentistry? Many dentists will offer you dental implants to replace teeth that you have lost, or that they would like to extract. Before you consent to the surgery, find out how experienced your dentist is in dealing with implants. Dr. RAJEEV and his team have placed thousands of dental implants. With his experience and skill, you can be certain that he will give you a dental implant that will complete your smile comfortably and beautifully.

Who will be performing my implant surgery?

Some general dentists will perform implant surgery themselves, and you will of course want to ask them about their training in implant surgical procedures. Others will send you to an oral surgeon or other specialist for your surgery, and have you return to their office months later to have a crown placed on your implant.

Dr. Rajeev is a world-class periodontal surgeon and has many years of experience in implant surgery, and uses the most advanced technology


What technology will you be using to plan my surgery?



Implant posts are placed deep into a patient’s jawbone. To be successful, they must be placed carefully into bone, not tissue; they must be placed at a viable angle to allow the placement of the tooth’s crown; and they must be of a sufficient size to deal with the stress that will be placed on the tooth. In order to correctly plan that surgery, your dentist should take as many x-rays and scans as he or she possibly can, from as many angles as are feasible, so that your surgery can be planned down to the tiniest fraction.

Using the CBCT, Dr. Rajeev can take a low-radiation, detailed scan of your head, jaw and neck in 14 seconds.

Dr. RAJEEV finds that at least 30% of his implant patients come to him as a result of failed implant procedures from other practitioners, and most of these failures are the result of insufficient or poor planning before the surgery began.

In BDC, your implant surgery is planned using  cbctr  In fact, Dr. rajeev will perform your surgery virtually on the computer before she begins your actual surgery. In our office, you will not experience any surgical surprises.

How long will I have to wait before I have my new tooth?

Many dental offices will tell you that after implant surgery, you should expect to wait at least six months before they can fit you with a crown. Think carefully: are you willing to be without the tooth or teeth in question for months? How will it affect your daily life?

BDC is able to provide almost all of his implant patients with same-day dental implants. In this procedure, a temporary acrylic crown is placed as soon as your implant post has been placed. You will leave our office on the day of your surgery with a new tooth.

Yes, you will need to have it replaced with a permanent tooth after your implant post has fully bonded to your bone. Thanks to the state-of-the-art surgical procedures employed by BDC, you can expect this to be 3-4 months, not 6-8. And you won’t be toothless while you wait. The temporary crowns that WE creates are extremely high-quality acrylic crowns, matched to your own teeth, and comfortably fit to your bite.

How do I know that my procedure will be safe and pain free?

As with any surgery, there are dangers from possible infection, over or underuse of anesthesia. You will want to ask to see the operatory, and to find out from the surgeon what kind of success rate he or she has.

In BDC, we pride ourselves on the clean and beautiful quality of our operatories. Patients visit our practice from all over the world, just to take advantage of our excellent facilities and expertise. Dr RAJEEV uses high tech equipment to minimize the time needed in surgery, and to make sure that you are comfortable and pain free. From computer-directed injections to laser sterilization, you can be sure that we have taken every possible precaution to make sure that your surgery here will be safe and successful.