ONE OF THE COMMON MISCONCEPTION WHEN IT COMES To high quality cosmetic and restorative dental work is that is takes a long time.

This does not have to be the case! As a renowned specialist in rapid smile transformation, Dr. Rajeev Gupta at BDC regularly services patients who simply can’t spare weeks of downtime but are completely unwilling to sacrifice in the slightest when it comes to the quality of their dental work.

Extensive dental reconstruction often requires multiple visits and can stretch out over months, and though this has become an acceptable standard within the industry, most dental work simply doesn’t have to take this long.

Dr. Rajeev Gupta at BDC has the distinct advantage in his field of having the capability and the correct technology backing him up to deliver high-end work at rapid speeds. Today, BDC is state-of-the-art dental facility in the country where a patient can arrive on Monday and expect to have a completely transformed and beautiful smile by SATURDAY of that same week.

Using advanced CEREC computerized milling technology; WE can create perfect, custom crowns in one single visit. WE also have access to an exclusive world-class lab that makes dental reconstructions to his detailed specifications on a priority basis.

Are you a candidate for a 1-Week Smile Makeover?

People who simply can’t afford to wait weeks for their cosmetic or restorative dental work to be completed. The truth is, no matter who you are, time is a valuable commodity and we all have better things to do than sit in a dental chair for weeks on end.

Dr. Rajeev Gupta understands that you need to get back to what’s important in your life as quickly as possible. That’s precisely why BDC created the 1-Week Smile Makeover. Of course there are some complex cases that simply require more time to be done properly, but even in these complicated cases BDC is guaranteed to save patients a lot of valuable time.  Most patients can look forward to a new smile in seven or fewer days.

A truly tailor made approach

A common worry amongst new patients is that their new teeth might not look natural. There is a reason that this is a concern! Unfortunately, some dentists get into the habit of applying the same approach to every patient they see. This kind of one-size-fits-all treatment can lead to imperfect results that don’t last and can even lead to new dental problems, plus the work can look incorrect for the person, not being made specifically for them. Having seen this kind of work many times, Dr. Rajeev Gupta has developed successful techniques to prevent this and ensure each patient gets treatment that is tailor-made to them.

“When I look at a person and they smile, I don’t just see what’s there right now,” says Dr.Rajeev. “I see everything that their smile could be, if it were perfect. And then I figure out how to make it so.”

Dr.Rajeev will work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan that is customized to you and designed to transform your smile into the one you’ve always wanted and in a way that fits your face naturally.

Dentists commonly make the mistake treating patients without truly examining each tooth one by one. Patients often come to see Dr. Rajeev because they are interested in getting veneers, implants or crowns but more often than not they actually need some combination of different treatments in order to get the smile they want and properly address their dental health.

After conducting a precise exam on your teeth Dr.Rajeev will be able to determine exactly what treatment is right for you, on a tooth-by-tooth basis. From there, your 1-Week Smile Makeover can begin.