• Holistic dentistry has plethora of names to it, natural dentistry, unconventional dentistry, progressive dentistry, or biocompatible dentistry is the same discipline of harmonizing and is a progressive branch of medicine and dentistry. Holistic dentistry emphasized on dental care as well as general well-being. The primary goal of holistic practice is to gain suitable balance in life. Thus, we try to treat the patient in WHOLESOME WAY.
  • For example, when a person suffering from bruxism and jaw stress visits us, we generally take a look at all the potential factors that may be causing such as diet, sleep habits, stress, personal problems. The treatment plan may or may not only involve drugs to relieve symptoms but also the introduction to lifestyle modifications to help prevent the problem, which includes yoga, diet modification, night-guards, etc.


As a holistic dentistry centre, we focus on-


  • Well-being of the patient-

They understand that the mouth does not exist in a silo, and that the procedures they perform on your teeth will have lasting effects on the rest of your body as well. They also understand that what goes on in your body, whether positive or negative, will have serious effects on your mouth. Because of this understanding of the mouth-body connection, our team of dentists at Dent Ally take time to sit down with their patients and gather as much information about their health as possible–not just their dental health, but their diet, their lifestyle, and their mental and emotional health as well. They take all of this into consideration to determine the best approach for your dental health and overall well-being.


  • Mercury free restorations-

Several researches indicates that the mercury is connected to many health issues like allergies, chronic headaches, dermatitis, thyroid disorders, arthritis, colitis, digestive problems, spontaneous abort, Alzheimer, memory issues, high levels of triglyceride , autism and others.
The amalgams or silver fillings are composed by as much as 50% of mercury. For this reason in our clinic we don’t place amalgams to our patients. However, when they are removed they release an important amount of mercury vapour that is why it is a must to have a special procedure to remove them. In our clinic we follow the strictest protocols for the silver fillings removal. Our dentists use a high volume evacuator, rubber dams etc. to ensure safe removal and prevent any pooling or ingestion of any amalgam particles.


  • Low radiation x-rays-

We have digital X-ray equipment, which substantially reduces the patient exposure to radiation and allows us to show his x-ray to explain his condition.

OPG and CBCT picture










  • Promoting healthy and fibrous foods to our patients-

Fibrous food helps help the teeth and gums clean. They increase the saliva secretions and act as a best defence mechanism against cavities and gum diseases. About 20 minutes after we eat sometime sugary or starch, saliva begins to reduce the effect of acids and enzymes attacking the teeth. Saliva also contains traces of calcium and phosphate. So it also restores minerals to areas of teeth that have lost them from the bacterial acids.






Preventive treatment-

Prevention is better than cure, our team of dentists work as partners with our patients by creating awareness, educating them and teaching them preventive ways and techniques to maintain oral health.


Malocclusion can hamper the patient’s healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Several patients complain of an unexplained discomfort on chewing even after getting the tooth prosthesis fixed. This is because their occlusion is not kept under consideration while replacing their teeth. Holistic dentistry is all about rehabilitating patients’ teeth keeping in mind the ideal occlusion and the detrimental affects of malocclusion on the patients overall health and surrounding facial structures. We have specialist (orthodontic and oral surgeon) trained on treating malocclusion.


  • Yoga and meditation-

Bruxism is a disorder of clenching teeth at night and sometimes subconsciously in day time as well. We as holistic dentist will treat the problem in totality.

Exercise is the main method of promoting relaxation and reducing stress for most people. One of the values of regular exercise is the moderating effect it has on emotion. If you feel upset or angry, a brisk run or walk, or a half-hour of weight lifting will every so often keep you in a nice mood. However, even though exercise is an ideal way to burn off excess energy, it doesn’t teach you how to manage stress in a different way. Yoga is a superb relaxation promoter and Meditation is “directed concentration”. Meditation leaders practice focusing their consciousness and target it onto a body: the breath, a word or phrase repeated silently, images in the eye of the mind, or memorized inspirational passages.


  • Laser advance treatments-

Laser technology has revolutionized processes in various fields of medicine and is now poised to change the future of dentistry as well.

It is a tool which helps in faster and smoother treatments at dental setups. It has got multiple applications in the field of Dental implants including incision & debridement, cosmetic dentistry including Laser gum lift to correct gummy smile, Root Canal Treatment including canal debridement & sterilization. Its extensively used for Laser crown lengthening, Gums surgeries including flap surgeries


Our laser machine picture-







  • Biocompatible dental materials which are non-toxic to humans and environment-

Our materials have been analyzed to choose the best for our patients and to achieve long term treatments and of high aesthetic and best quality. Being bio compatibles and of course without toxic substances that may harm our patients.


  • Air Filters in the Dental Operatory-

Extra oral suction units remove 99.9% of aerosolized droplets of saliva, blood, and other fluids that can be emitted from a patient’s mouth during routine dental treatment. The extra-oral suction device, which resembles the end of a vacuum cleaner with a clear funnel-shaped attachment positioned just outside the mouth, removes these aerosols to prevent them from passing between doctors and patients.

With strong suction vacuum pressure and a high air-suction flow rate, the aerosol droplets between the doctor or staff member and the patient are sucked into the machine through the adjustable positioning arm.

The aerosol is then decontaminated as it goes through a four-stage filtration and disinfection process, including an initial HEPA filter, ultraviolet-C light chamber, plasma generator, and large HEPA-13 filter. Ultimately, the droplets are discharged from the machine after thorough purification.

Insert picture of air filter and external high vacuum suction










·       Platelet Rich Fibrin-

For bone grafts we believe in auto-grafts (own bone) and PRF (own blood)



  • It is a fairly recent advance in bone grafting materials that has applications in extractions, implant dentistry, soft tissue grafting and even jaw bone augmentation. It’s an advanced procedure in biological dentistry that involves taking advantage of the healing potential of your own body to produce the best gum and bone during many kinds of surgery.

What are the Advantages of PRF?

  1. PRF is made from the patient’s own blood so it’s less likely to cause any inflammation during the healing process which may last for up to 6 months.  The potential for inflammation is created by the foreign proteins that exist in bovine/cow derived or human/cadaver derived bone graft products.  With PRF and some synthetic grafting materials it’s now possible to avoid grafts with foreign proteins.  With PRF the inflammation is always less.
  2. In addition, when using PRF the healing times are significantly reduced.  I have found that the initial healing after a tooth is removed is cut approximately in half.
  3. As stated above when PRF is used correctly there is very little chance that bacteria can invade the extraction site and cause a cavitation or infection in the jaw during the healing phase
  4. With PRF there is little chance of a dry socket.  A dry socket happens when the bone is exposed during the healing phase.  This is something you don’t want to happen because they are very painful and can last two weeks or more.


We at Balaji Dental Centre, firmly believes in educating the patient rather than imposing the treatment plan on the patient. We perform treatments that are good for your body as well as gums and teeth.


So you gotta nourish before you flourish to be healthy inside out!


“It gives us great pleasure to see our patient improves not only their mouth health, but also body and mind.”