• Our Laboratory (Digimax):
    • In order to provide our patients with the highest level of accuracy, aesthetics and longevity for all prosthetic work, we set up our own laboratory.
    • We utilize the latest technology available in order to produce the highest quality products that provide the best fit and function. To us, it’s not just teeth – we’re restoring smiles! Our technicians can work closely with our dentists and our patients to ensure that each restoration is a natural smile.
    • Thanks to our laboratory, we can have your case completed much faster than most clinics. Usually it would take from one to two weeks and multiple fittings/visits between each appointment. We usually perform our lab work in 48 hours and for some of our patients coming from overseas with limited availability we can perform work in one day.
    • The most important aspects of Dentistry are quality, accuracy, aesthetics, and longevity. And, the best way to ensure that highest standards are followed in these regards is to exact absolute control over all processes including laboratory procedures. Therefore, we have set-up our own in-house laboratory where we utilize state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to forge products of the highest quality. We know that we aren’t simply working on teeth; we are improving smiles and lives. Therefore, all our work is done by our expert technicians who work closely with our dentists and our patients to painstakingly ensure precision in each procedure to create a natural smile.

    The materials we use are of supreme quality and approved by FDA, ADA, and CE. The warranty provided by such high-quality material is unparalleled.

Quality and time

Having an in-house laboratory ensures that we are able to initiate and complete all procedures in a much shorter time-frame than most of other clinics. We usually complete our lab work in 48 hours or less when a time-frame of one to two weeks is the norm even in Europe and USA. Furthermore, engaging the services of a third-party lab increases the chances of multiple visits for fittings thereby increasing the time-frame even more. Our short turnaround time is especially beneficial to our overseas patients as it allows them to save on their costs of stay.



Our laboratory utilizes the latest technology in terms of equipment, software, and materials to deliver highest quality products to our patients and we continually invest in our dental lab equipment to stay up-to-date in terms of technology. Our dental laboratory can perform full digital flow including digital design, 3D printing and CAD/CAM milling for the production of your dental work allowing our dentists and dental ceramists to work more efficiently and to produce more accurate and aesthetic products.