Take a ride on the greener side; ecofriendly dentistry!


There is a need for dentists to be environmentally conscious and take the necessary steps to make their dental practice “Eco-friendly.”

According to the Eco‑Dentistry Association, (green dentistry) they insist on to reduces waste and pollution, saves energy, water, and money and to incorporate high tech innovations, focus on wellness, and integrative practices. Hence, it mainly involves the concept of “4R”‑Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rethink.




We at Balaji Dental Centre firmly believes in the concept of ecofriendly dentistry. We as health-care professionals are responsible to conserve natural resources and to reduce the impact of toxic waste generated on the environment. Eco-friendly or green dentistry is a newly evolving practice of dentistry, which encompasses a simultaneous devotion to sustainability, prevention, precaution, and a minimally invasive patient centric, as well as, global-centric treatment. This type of practices not only help in controlling the waste pollution in the dental practice, but also save water, energy, and other resources in the dental clinic.

Key elements of GREEN dentistry include:

  1. Reduce dental waste
  2. Pollution prevention
  3. Conservation of water, energy, and money
  4. Hi‑tech dentistry.

At Balaji Dental Centre we reduce waste and pollution by-

  • Digital dentistry- We take digital impressions using our  wonderful Medit intraoral scanner which not only saves the time but also unnecessary wastes like-  impression materials, impression trays, courier packing waste moreover its more patient compliant, faster and more accurate that the traditional method.




  • Our digital X-ray system is foremost and finest in terms of quality and least exposure to the patients.




  • We as environmentalist don’t use amalgam in my form. Only metal free restorations are preferred.
  • Use of hospital‑grade, reusable sterilization items, and our patient barriers free from plastic.
  • We recycle and reuse the old hand instruments
  • We use nontoxic, biodegradable surface disinfectants and cleaners
  • We have a culture of using stainless steel reusable or compostable impression trays
  • We disinfect the water lines regularly using biodegradable or enzymatic cleaners and NEVER use chlorine bleach because it can release airborne mercury
  • We don’t use toxic cold sterilization solutions such as glutaraldehyde, which is a powerful lung and skin irritant.
  • We use LED operatory lights, which reduce electrical energy consumption by 70%, eliminating the need for expensive halogen bulbs and allowing for easier placement of composite restorations.
  • We have new waterless vacuum systems, which save about 360 gallons of water per day! If all dental clinics are installed with this type of system, we can collectively save billions of gallons of clean water per year.
  • We have Digital imaging system-CAD/CAM
Insert image of CAD- CAM










  • In‑office sharps disposal equipment that renders sharps inert.
  • Steam sterilizers that eliminate the use of chemicals.
  • We have HEPA air purifier in our operatory, to remove particulates from air and bring out clean and breathable air.
  • Digital patient charting, scheduling, and billing.
  • Digital paperless patient communication system such as E‑mail appointments, reminders, and saving staff time
  • We Use of website to promote and as a primary marketing tool and not pamphlets or hoarding, saving lot of paper and single use plastic.
  • We use electronic patient record system and software.


Green dentistry is a whole‑Earth approach to tooth care that reduces the environmental impact of dentistry. It’s impossible to have healthy people on a sick planet. This is indispensable need of the hour and we owe to our mother nature.

“Let’s be the part of solution and NOT the pollution.”