India is quickly growing towards becoming the top market for Dental Tourism and the number of patients visiting India from around the world is gradually increasing especially from the US, UK, Canada, and Europe where the cost of dental treatment is very high.

Today, India has a few dental facilities, like BDC, that are internationally-accredited and have world-class facilities along with state-of-the-art technology and equipment imported from top manufacturers of Europe and America. Labs that use top-end material and follow international standards of quality control and hygiene allow such facilities to offer the best of dental treatment but at a lower cost that the patients would incur in their own countries. Even after adding the cost of travel and stay, the total is far less than what they would incur back home even for regular procedures.

BDC has built a name for itself both nationally and internationally due to which we have several patients flying in from various parts of the world for a number of procedures. Keeping in mind their convenience, we offer our patrons end-to-end services through our handpicked partners from the hospitality industry including Airport pick-and-drop, Hotel Stay, Local Transportation, and even sightseeing in case the treatment requires them to stay in the country.

Patients can connect with us using our website and social media channels for an initial consultation and preliminary diagnosis. Once they have decided upon travelling to India for a procedure, our Hospitality Partner will get in touch with you to manage the following for you:

Visa:                            You will receive assistance regarding Visa requirements and procedures. Please note that you need to have a passport valid for at least six (6) months to apply for an Indian Visa. Getting a Visa to India is not difficult at all with e-Visa facilities available to citizens from 113 countries in addition to Visa-on-Arrival for citizens from Japan, South Korea, and UAE.

Travel:                        All major airlines fly to one or more destinations in India connecting India with most countries of the world through direct or indirect flights and, since Delhi is the capital of India, all of them fly to Delhi. Several budget airlines fly to Delhi in addition to full-service airlines.

Airport Pick-up:        With over 1,00,000 taxis plying in the city, it is easy for anyone to find a taxi to reach the hotel. However, our hospitality partner will pre-arrange a taxi for our clients.

Accommodation:       Our partner will be able to provide accommodation facility in a hotel as per the preferred category of the client be it Luxury or Budget right from 5-Star category to Boutique Hotels to Budget Accommodations.

Sightseeing:               In case your procedure will require you to stay for more than a day, or if you simply wish to utilise some time in the trip for sightseeing, our partner will arrange the same for you.

At the clinic, you will find that our staff is proficient in English in addition to Hindi and Punjabi. In case you require assistance in other languages, just let us know ahead of time and we will arrange a translator to help you during your visit.

BDC has a large team of specialists, technicians, and support staff with considerable experience in all kinds of treatments that the field of dentistry allows currently right from Teeth Implants to Root Canal Treatment and from Crown and Bridges to Teeth Whitening. All the specialists are highly qualified with several degrees and certifications in specialised fields of treatment including some niche areas.

Thus, if the prospect of the best of treatment at a fraction of cost and an overseas trip to the land of wonders wrapped up in the package appeals to you, you can trust the world-class specialists at BDC to take care of you. You can get in touch with us by using the contact details given at the bottom of the page.